About Me

Hi, I'm Micah! I'm a full-stack engineer based in Portland, OR.

I'm currently heading up all things front-end at Redwood Materials. I just started in November 2022 and am very excited to be working in green tech with a lot of talented people!

Current Projects

One of my cats

When I'm not taking my cats for a walk, I'm often coding or thinking about one of these things:

Feel free to shoot me an email if you'd like to work on something together!
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Past Projects

Trying out object recognition


Before Redwood, I worked at BeFunky for 5 years (2017 - 2022) on their a popular Photo Editing and Graphic Design platform.

I was initially brought on to help the team finish migrating their Flash app to web tech (WebGL canvas + web components). It took many months, but we did launch a desktop-oriented webapp, then did a complete overhaul to make it work well on mobile as well, and finally distributed the webapp across all platforms as an installable PWA. Along the way, I got to work on all sorts of fun stuff:

BeFunky web vitals befunky.com - Desktop - Sept 25, 2021

Goshen College

From 2014 - 2017 I headed up design and development of the Goshen College website, a large WordPress multisite, doing templating in Twig and logic in PHP and JavaScript (mostly ES5). Much of my work revolved around user experience design, web performance, SEO, improving data quality in our web form → Marketo → Salesforce funnel, and training web editors across campus.

The land of milk and honey

Portland's alright (-; but if you're ever in Goshen, Indiana be sure to check out: