Hi, I’m Micah! I’m a 25-year old web developer/designer who just moved to Portland, OR.

The past 3½ years I’ve headed up design and development of the Goshen College website. This fall, I’ve decided to start doing web application development full-time to continue learning and growing, and am open to freelance and frontend job opportunities.

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Areas of Interest

At Goshen College, I worked on a large WordPress multisite, doing templating in Twig and logic in PHP and JavaScript (mostly ES5). Much of my work revolved around user experience design, web performance, SEO, improving data quality in our web form → Marketo → Salesforce funnel, and training web editors across campus.

Lately, I’ve been working on several Preact web apps:

I’m well versed in ES5/6 fundamentals, but am actively exploring reactive data flows and test-driven development. If you have a product that uses Redux or TDD, I’d be more than interested in contributing.

The land of milk and honey

If you’re ever near Goshen, Indiana be sure to check out: