Hi, I’m Micah! I’m a 24-year old web developer (and amateur UX designer) living in Goshen, Indiana.

Weekdays I work at Goshen College on the core Wordpress multisite, as well as a host of other PHP, Python, and Javascript based web-apps. I’m a little odd in that I enjoy both the design process (sketch on paper -> get feedback -> prototype in browser) and the challenge of development (building APIs, measuring performance, and squinting at Chrome devtools).



I’m currently not taking on paid Wordpress projects, but am open to freelance consulting. Mostly this takes the form of recommending a website platform that is easier to keep stable (e.g. Squarespace over Wordpress) and developing a strategy for initial content migration and upkeep down the road.

If you’d like to collaborate on an open source or Javascript-related project, I’d also be happy to sit down and talk. Feel free to email me at micah.millereshleman@gmail.com.

Just for fun

If you happen to be in Goshen, be sure to check out: